Newcastle Quayside photo walk

On Sunday evening I wandered along the quayside in Newcastle to get some night shots since I could steal a tripod off dad. One my friends, Mike, has started up selling a few prints of the area and has some cracking ones from the quayside but was pretty ill over the weekend so didn’t get to join me. But, in the late afternoon before I started grabbing the night shots, the Baltic with a a big advertisement for a display currently going on by Yoko Ono:


At the end of the quayside, I then hung around waiting for everything to be lit up. Unfortunately the Millennium Bridge wasn’t under coloured lights as it sometimes is, but still impressive with the Sage on the south bank:

Tyne Bridges

It started drizzling a little, so I wandered back along the quayside looking for some protection and set up the gear under a bus shelter before it cleared and I grabbed an interesting angle of the Millennium Bridge with the Sage behind it:

From Millenium

Mike had then told me to check out All Saints church, and having seen some of his shots, was definatley interested. Must confess to being a tad spooked out there on me own, but did get a nice view on the approach to it from the quayside:

All Saints

I hung around for 20 minutes or so waiting for a Metro train to cross the high-level bridge so I could photograph it lit up behind the Tyne, but with it drizzling again I headed back towards the car. Of course, as soon as I got under the bridge I heard the rumble of one passing overhead! In disgust, I planted the tripod and looked up, then turned to catch a great view of the Tyne Bridge, one of my favourites as it was unplanned I guess:

Tyne Bridge

Hopefully the photos I took on the Olympus OM-1 35mm and the Rolleicord 120 format came out okay too, will be interesting to see if black & white carries the same impact. Was fun to play anyway, and now I’ve been able to put in practice what I’ve learned in general over the past year with photography, I really wish I had more opportunities to do cityscapes like this, as it’s always something I’m drawn too. Dad and I may well out into Durham tomorrow night (too many drunks tonight probably!) to get some of the castle + cathedral all lit up which should be fun too. The large format photos of the quayside are so sharp I just love them, I’ll get them on Flickr soon – the last one of the Tyne Bridge is currently my desktop image and can’t wait to see it on the 30″ Apple Cinema Display back at work (though not, I must say, having to actually back to work…).

And now, at least people can see why I love the city of Newcastle as much as Durham – the way the quayside has been redeveloped over the last ten years is just fantastic, and really is an impressive sight all lit up on a calm night. Just a shame the fireworks were so early on this evening rather midnight celebrations for the new year as I was busy tucking into an Indian meal the local pub at 7p.m whilst they were going off. Have to prioritise sometimes!


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