Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping 2009 turns out well for everyone, I certainly won’t look back on 2008 as one of my finest! We kicked things off with an Indian meal, joined by aunty Jean who came through from Sunderland, which was really nice. I rounded off my last night in England back in 2006 over an Indian meal with friends, but regretted it after 40 hours or so of traveling right after it, so decided to bring it forward this time 😉 Tasted great though! Dad + I then wandered down to nana’s for a wee drink before she toddled off to bed, and then rang in the new year at home with fireworks going off around the estate and the neighbours wandering between a couple of different houses throwing parties.

Since it’s now Jan 1st, it’s also mam’s birthday today! Double celebrations (called for double drinks too…).


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