Off to London

The past weekend was pretty relaxing, taking some time to myself as well as meeting up with friends. I spent a good 3-4 hours along the Quayside in Newcastle late yesterday afternoon / early evening getting some good photographs, and then met up with Michael + Victoria for a few drinks later on.

I was at the chiropractor again this morning, and Joanne was impressed how much improvement there was in my upper back and ribs after only one adjustment a week ago – I suggested it was drinking so much beer again and could I get a prescription for it. Didn’t work.

Anyways, mam + I are off to London in a bit to see family down there. Is only a 4-5 hour drive so isn’t too bad. We’ll be coming back up on Wednesday, and don’t really have much planned for New Year’s eve. Never been a big fan, especially if it involves going into Durham or Newcastle where it will be packed + overpriced! Might just have a quiet one at home, as is then mam’s birthday on New Year’s day.


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