Sunderland vs Blackburn

Given that there were almost 45,000 people at the Stadium of Light today, it felt a little weird given that’s probably double the population of the entire Lower Yukon + Kuskokwim Delta’s! Although the game ended 0-0, the atmosphere was great, had definately missed it. Even posed for a photo, very unlike me:

Outside Stadium of Light

I would explain what the big red wheel is, but likely to just raise more questions from people stateside 😉 Ask me to explain it sometime. Used to be a good view of the stadium itself when walking up to it from Southwick, damn big aquatic center there now, so here’s the front side of the Stadium of Light itself:

Stadium of Light

After squeezing inside and getting to the bar for a pint and a sausage roll (making the most of getting them whilst I’m here!), headed up to our seats in the Kronenbourg stand, just off from behind the goal. Good atmosphere, though was surprised how much swearing there was.

Sunderland vs Blackburn

Then there was fun of getting back out the stadium, dodging along the road between cars, and then edging our car along the road back to the A19, all whilst listening to the local radio with phone-in’s bemoaning the referees – some things never change! All in all, a good afternoon. Really enjoyed it, and the consolation of only walking away with a draw was that Newcastle lost to Wigan!


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