Merry Christmas!

So, across multiple time zones, at some point today it will be Christmas for everyone 😉 Hope everyone traveling made it home safely and can enjoy (?!) the day with friends + family. So long as santa managed to work out where you are, should be fine! There’s a bunch of family coming round to my parents in the next hour or so which will be nice, and spoke with my nana down in London earlier to wish her all the best and arrange for heading down to see them. Mam + I will drive down on Monday and come back New Year’s Eve, so will be a short but sweet trip.

Yesterday I went out playing photographs with Michael, was so much fun. Dad found some old cameras he had, a 35mm Olympus OM-1 SLR he’s had from new in 1974 along with 28mm and 80-205mm lenses, as well as a Rolleicord 120 which I tracked down last night as being a 1a mark 3 model from around 1937-1939! Amazingly, after developing the film it seems to have worked, so I’m excited to see what it’s like once dried and Victoria can scan them in for us!


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