Durham (digital…) photo walk

I decided that since I was born + raised in Durham and have a grand total of 0 photographs of the city, I should do a photowalk (I blame the new tattoo…) 🙂 I just took a walk along the river from the bottom of Bede bank round to Milburnagate, and a got a bunch of good photos. Durham has been photographed to death if you’re from the area, and it’s real hard to do something new (maybe tomorrow though, more later), so guess these are mainly from those that don’t know the area.

First up, fantastic reflections of Prebends Bridge, built in 1777:

Prebends Bridge

There used to be some wood carvings years ago of the Last Supper around here which are sadly no longer here, replaced by a 5-a-side football (soccer!) pitch. But, a little a further down, looking across the Wear to some buildings I can’t remember the name of for the life of me!

Weir houses

Up onto Prebends Bridge, the majesty of the cathedral dominating the area comes into view:

From Prebends Bridge

The circular polarizer really helps stablize the water and bring out some blues in the sky. This really is a fantastic viewpoint, bettered only when you drop down to the other side of the river for the classic view across the River Wear with Old Fulling Mill in the foreground – note this is apparently the most photographed view in Britain!

Classic Cathedral

Even having lived here for 20+ years, I still loved seeing the cathedral and I used to drive past it twice a day! Just between Prebends Bridge and this classic viewpoint, there was also some neat reflections of the cathedral too:

Cathedral Reflections

By now the sun was pretty high as almost mi-day, so shots of the castle + cathedral from around Milburngate Bridge were washed out, but there was a talkative old lady feeding the ducks down there. Here’s one shy guy not into posing for the camera:

Shy duck

Anyways, I have a few more, but I also want to wait until I can get some more views under better light, especially of the castle + cathedral! I met up with a friend I haven’t seen in a few years who is well into photography and does a lot with film still who I’ve e-mailed a lot about trying it out myself and developing my own film to scan + edit digitally and has offered to take me out tomorrow. He’s got a good 35mm SLR and medium format waist-view camera we can play with, and then my dad surprised by pulling out a ton of old guy just like it I can try out tomorrow too! Michael + I will hit the camera store tomorrow to see if we can find film for anything we own, take a few photos around Durham, then try developing them and see what we end up with. Should be a fun day 🙂


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