Busy day

Today was a good day. I got to drive my old car again which was weirdly familiar, and had the lady at the bank tell me that I should have spent my US dollars whilst on holiday before coming home as the exchange sucks. I tried explaining otherwise but gave up 🙂 Anyways, least I have some funny English money now. Seriously – they changed the £20 note again, so have a right mix of stuff.

Headed up to Gateshead to see John this evening which was nice, and had some dinner with him too. Was relaxing just to hang out for a couple of hours and catch up. Also saw another friend, Michael, as I was leaving the estate on my way to Gateshead so chatted with him for a bit. Might catch up with him tomorrow depending on what time he gets back in from York.

Got in for my appointment at the chiropractor this afternoon which was much needed! Feel a lot better now, though didn’t half hurt at the time, especially my neck. Always hated the neck adjustment. Joanne also thinks I may well have fractured a couple of ribs front + back from falling off the ladder back in August which was one my main reasons for going for the adjustment as I was still getting sharp chest pain when sneezing which indicated something like that. Just have to keep icing + resting it, which I had no problem with so long as it didn’t disrupt me from drinking beer and cheering at the Sunderland match on Boxing Day 😉 Also explained it would have been much easier if she just did home visits in the first place, and then did jokingly point out it was a tad difficult for me to get here from Alaska when I had an extra $20 charge as I was an archive patient after not visiting in 6 months… All in good fun though, worth it! Go back next Monday, then again on the Friday before I fly out so that should help.

Also got another tattoo today, something I’ve thought about for a while. Went back to my usual place in Low Fell where all but my first one was done, so again, was weirdly familiar. So little has changed over here for the most part in one way it’s really nice, in another just weird! But, as with my other tattoos, you’ll have to ask nicely to see it (though this one is a little less hidden).

Tomorrow I suppose I should do some shopping (ugh!). Might just wander in to Durham and take some photos whilst I’m at, as feeling like there’s too much written crap the last few days. Picture tells a thousand stories or something, ain’t it? Anyone still stuck in Anchorage or Seattle, btw 🙁 …?


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