A little more rested now

Slept until 2p.m this afternoon, was fantastic. Forgot how comfy my bed here was! I pretty much dropped right off to sleep on the flight out of Bethel and again down to Seattle – think once I was out of town and away from work my body finally relaxed and shut down, can’t remember the last time I got so much sleep, certainly nothing coming close to this kind of a lie in 🙂 Had a curry last night and mam is cooking up mince + dumplings for dinner now with nana also coming up to join us. I decided against the hockey match tonight, will catch a game next weekend instead. Need to work up my beer tolerance first I think!

Read Alaska Air cancelled 47 flights onto the west coast yesterday so glad I got on Thursday night/Friday morning, and then Minneapolis/Chicago/Detroit have all been hit with bad weather causing problems with flights, so also glad I didn’t try flying through there. Hope everyone else managed to get back to their respective homes yesterday as starting off a vacation caught up in an airport on weather hold isn’t much fun, is more like sitting at Yute or Grant back in Bethel!


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