Excited to head to England

The last few days have been busy at work, but I’ve already started drifting off to thinking of heading back to England now 😉 We had our TIA party yesterday lunchtime where the subject of ‘do I have my passport’ popped up… 3 hours later I had to come home and check as I honestly thought it was still in Tunt. Thankfully, I have here it in Bethel! Probably would have got all the way to Seattle before that one cropped up.

Had dinner with a friend this evening before everyone jetted off which was fun, and kinda interesting that people talk of ‘going home’ even when they’ve lived here a couple of years. I dunno, this is home for me, so I’m ‘going back to England’ rather than ‘going home’. Guess as there’s so great distances involved in moving over here, it’s just a different mentality to back in England.

Am so tired, I could probably sleep all the way back to Teesside – am hoping my new Ultimate Ears headphones do the trick. Think I should pack my bags tonight as need to head to the airport about 7p.m tomorrow or so. Just checked on my flights and realised I have almost 7 hours in Seattle on Friday morning 🙁 Thought it was only 2-3 hours, so really want to sleep on the flight down from Anchorage. Seattle’s a bit of a weird airport, so not sure if there’ll be much to do whilst hanging out. Once I get on the plane out to Amsterdam I should be fine – just something very weird about getting on a plane at around 12 noon Friday and stepping off a 10 hour flight at 8a.m Saturday…

But, unless I can be bothered to grab the free wi-fi at Anchorage tomorrow evening, next post will be from England 😀


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