Good start to the week…

Today was payday. I was not impressed. My federal income tax was messed up again, witholding an extra $800, which was meant to have been resolved after the same thing happened in October. I was also not in the mood to be messed with given it was also a Monday morning 🙂 Anyways, since it was a mix-up in payroll, they ran off another check for me which I got deposited right after work. At the current exchange rate, that works out to about 210 beer vouchers…

As I ducked out early to get to the bank before it closed, it meant I caught the sunset a little earlier:

Church sunset

This is the Catholic church around the Swanson’s complex. Pretty impressive inside, especially by Bethel standards! Of course, I’m no expert on churches. Father Chuck is a real genuine nice guy though and does a lot of good for the area.

Only 3 more days at work now…


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