Me weekend

I’m having a ‘me’ weekend, trying to just have some time to myself to relax and get things sorted for heading back to England on Thursday. As much as I love getting out with so many different people on a weekend as with the past couple of months, especially with the past week or two at work I just needed to slow things down and focus on myself. Seems like most other people are doing the same too so I don’t feel quite so anti-social about it 😉 Everyone seems to need a vacation right now, so hopefully things will be a bit calmer at work this next week with people drifting off into vacation mode (though sure the bosses don’t quite want that!).

Anyways, I managed to sleep right through till 10.30a.m which was fantastic, wandered up to the Saturday market around lunchtime and met some friends, and had Angie play personal shopper helping with a couple of Xmas pressies after I was a typical bloke and still couldn’t find anything after Sadie’s advice! But, got some good stuff, and then hit Subways since I’ve been after one for weeks! I tried to convince Casie that since I was working on the sponsors page for the K300 website and noticed Subways were an ‘in kind’ sponsor that it meant they should be kind and give the web guy a free sub, but it didn’t work so ended up having to actually for it. Was still worth it! Got a batch more photos in the mail too so now have another photo wall of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England which works about as well as the photo wall of the US – i.e. for me it looks great, anyone else will think it’s a mess!

Managed to sneak in a hair cut too, and it’s not bad by Bethel standards I suppose 🙂 First time in 2 1/2 years I’ve had an actual hair cut, so can’t complain too much. Would be bad form to rock up in England over Christmas with scruffy hair and a ragged beard, might make it too obvious I’ve been living in Alaska for two years.

As per usual, my Sunday will be devoted to lying on the couch. Three football games one after another makes for a difficult day. Nice way to round off a ‘me’ weekend though.


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