Sunset walking home

I’m still struggling to find a work/life balance at the moment, and really haven’t had very pleasant jobs to do the last couple of days. I love Friday night through Sunday lunchtime-ish, then it all goes pear shaped again! As a friend told me yesterday, I need a vacation 🙂 Week tomorrow and I get my wish, so that works out nicely.

Did get a couple of photos coming home today to unwind a little, first one crossing the tundra from the school complex on my way to the slough:

Sunset crossing tundra

Into the housing area, I found a little short-cut a couple of days ago that brings me out by an apartment area that’s always packed with Police + Trooper cars. Am guessing it’s provided housing, or else a really, really bad area 😉 Roads are very icy round here too:

Icy road sunset

ME school has their Christmas show tomorrow evening. I managed to avoid being roped into doing the sound or lightning, but may well show up and check it out as a few friends will no doubt be there. Will then see what the weekend brings, be my last weekend in Bethel this year!


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