No snowmobile rides this weekend…

The weather had warmed up a little in the middle of the week to right around 32-35F and brought sleet snow and freezing rain, so the rivers built up quite a bit of standing water in places. Kinda put an end to trying to bring my snowmobile out of Tunt – if we couldn’t see a trail on the river last weekend, certainly wouldn’t have seen one with 6 inches of standing water 😉 But, it started cooling down yesterday (currently 8F with windchill to -12F) and the slough and river are starting to freeze up again. There’s still going to be at least 15-18 inches of ice down, but it’s always disconcerting to see water as you do get overflows sometimes where the ice cracks and can never sure how wide the cracks are!

Jeff is flying down to Tunt on Tuesday to work on the water treatment plant and spending the night there, so offered to get my snowmobile up + running, put new plugs on and fresh oil + coolant in, etc. It’s really nice of him, and he even suggested riding it back up to Bethel but I’m trying to dissuade him unless he can find someone else riding up. It’s not worth it enough to me to risk him getting wet or lost. But, he also told me ATS have planted two of the Casa 212 cargo planes, so I guess the idea of having it flown into Bethel is off too as I don’t think they have anything other than 207’s left or maybe one more 212, and you ain’t getting a snowmobile into a 207… If Jeff can get it running whilst he’s in Tunt and the river freezes up again through this week, we might try riding it again next weekend.


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