Long week

This has been a very long week. Thankfully it had been a 4-day weekend, although coming off a 10-day week before, that was certainly needed too! Working through til 1a.m and starting again at 7.30a.m wasn’t fun. Things were so much simpler last year when I was building sewer lines, though the parallels are there (just dealing with a different kind of shit now 😉 ). At my heart, I’m a geek, I love to tinker with things, though know when to play grown up and manage day to day servers or design and implement new services too. I don’t like political crap, and like constant meetings even less. I’m not a perfectionist, though do set myself high standards, and when I get pulled in a number of directions and I can’t focus on each area sufficiently, I let myself down as I don’t do as good a job as I know I’m capable of and expect. Luckily I have a good support network. And the late nights and early mornings have been worth it in terms of the systems we have in place now and highlighted areas for further development. I have so much time to claim back though, that will start this week I hope.

Anyways, as a bit of relief, Suzi wanted to decorate the media center and TAI offices this afternoon. After masterminding the plan of sneaking the decorations out the cupboard and leaving empty boxes with my able sidekick Tim, we eventually returned them and got to work make things like purty. Aoody had decided to fly off to Anchorage for the weekend, so in his absence we brought a little festive spirit to his work area:

Xmas Aoody's desk

Serves him right for jetting off to enjoy himself…

This evening I got to try eggnog and Erin spent quite possibly the longest amount of time physically possible to bake a batch of cookies 😀 I was called around 7p.m, wandered over, and was closer to 11p.m before we got to sample the delights! Was good fun though, and apparently watched some classic Christmas animated movies. Good times all round.

I also got my new Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 studio earphones which took about 5 minutes of figuring out how to insert, but are just fantastic. I figured the cost was worth it given all the traveling I’m doing over Christmas, and hopefully will help me zone out easier sat in airports or whilst in the air. I also bagged a nice $5 coupon for Amazon MP3, and this was having already used a $10 coupon to purchase the earphones in the first place! Amazon are getting good are little extras and I don’t mind one bit. And yes, I know it’s all an attempt to get people to spend more money, so well played them.


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