Guess I’m still walking to work…

Sometimes out here you just have to go with the flow, and nature just says “nope”. Today was one of those frustrating days.

Jeff + I headed down river hoping to get to Tunt, and although there’s a beautifully marked trail to Napakiak and then down the east side of the Kuskokwim before hitting the tundra trail to Eek (literally, trail markers every 20 yards), we couldn’t find any trail down the west side to Tunt. We met one guy from Eek that said he’d seen the trail when passing yesterday but not this morning, so not sure whether the tracks were covered with drifting snow or what. We headed down to fish camp island where the Eek trail heads off river and tried heading down and across to the Johnson River, but there was quite a bit of standing water Jeff wasn’t sure about, and given he has a brand new snowmobile he’s only been riding for 3-4 weeks who was I to argue! Was just so frustrating to see exactly where we had to go, I could even pretty much make out where the trail should have left the river to Tunt, but the weather also then started closing in a little which didn’t help. We headed back around Napakiak and checked the island mid-channel where I’d seen another trail last year, but nothing, and definately nothing skirting the riverbank where it should be. I’m guessing the guys are going into Napakiak itself and down the tundra the whole way, but without knowing for certain and just being the two of us on one machine, not worth trying to break trail ourselves.

So, we headed back to Bethel where the sun was back out and hit Alba’s for lunch. I had a burger, it warmed me up. Jeff enjoyed the ride anyways and it was nice to get out of town again. Frustrated my snowmobile is still just sitting in Tunt whilst I’m schlepping around Bethel, along with half a dozen boxes I packed up two months ago that simply need taking to the post office. Really tempted just to write Northern Air Cargo a blank check and tell them to fly it here on back-haul.


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