Fun Thanksgiving

Today was fun hanging out with Jeff + Angel for Thanksgiving. I ate way too much food which is apparently what you’re meant to do, and then brought even more back with me. Means I shouldn’t have to cook for the rest of the weekend 😉 Three weeks today I’ll be flying out of Bethel back to England, and especially since this a very American holiday, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on being away from family like some people have been with not getting out of town for the weekend. The last week or so I have been feeling a little homesick for the first time though. Maybe it’s because I know I’ll be back in Durham soon, but then, this is home now, so feels weird. Could be dealing with everything else has left me needing a break more than ever. Will have been 2 years since I was back there, so a little nervous to see so many people again after so long and having gone through so much.

I picked a new album off iTunes last night which I’m really enjoying, though making me want my guitar more than ever (seriously hoping it arrives next week!). The album is “For Emma, Forever Ago” by Bon Iver and is well worth checking out. I’m keeping a little eye on the Apple store at the moment to see what their Black Friday sales are going to be too 😉


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