Thanksgiving break

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow which gives us a 4-day weekend 😀 After 10 days straight, it’s needed, and the big boss superintendent came over the intercom around 2p.m letting us know we could go at 3p.m which was even more welcomed! I’m heading round to Jeff + Angel’s for dinner tomorrow, sure there’s a few other folk wandering over too, and then word is the trail to Tunt is clear and rideable so Jeff and I plan on doing our best not to get lost and try riding it this weekend. So long as it doesn’t snow too much or have strong winds coming in to cover the trail, should be fine. Looking forward to getting on my snowmobile again, though not convinced about the 1 1/2 – 2 hours of sitting on the back of one to get there. Never ridden as a passenger for more than a couple of minutes catching a quick ride with someone! Really hoping I can get my snowmobile up though as walking to walk with the kinda weather we’ve had lately is getting boring!


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