Slough sunrise

In comparison to most of my past weekends, this was weekend was busy as I worked right through it 🙁 What’s with that?! I thought it was a good idea to re-work our server room, which seemed like a bright idea at the time. I’ve managed to survive three months as it was, but that was enough – I need to have things just so otherwise it bothers me 😉 It did mean I got to walk into work a little later, so whilst crossing the tundra I got a hint of the sunrise silhouetting some houses:

Housing silhouette

Further across the tundra after crossing Brown Slough I found the perfect spot for anyone wanting to knick a Christmas tree:

Slough sunrise

Of course, in the midst of this I discovered that there is a certain point at which the material on my bag will freeze. It was down to -25F (-32C) with windchill to -42F (-41C), so admittedly it was slightly brisk out… If this winter ends up rolling on until the start of May like last winter, this is going to get painfully cold, as this kind of cold is so early in the season it’s not exactly painting an encouraging picture for the coming months!


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