Long, cold days

It’s been a long week. Well, a long two or three weeks actually. And to make things better, I’m also working all this weekend reconfiguring the server room. It seriously needs doing. I’m very particular about how things need to be set up, simple things like UPS’ actually having a controller cable to a server so the server knows when it *really* needs to shut itself in a power outage… Will be worth it when it’s finished sometime on Sunday afternoon (see, optimism), and at least it’s then only a 3-day week with Thanksgiving on Thursday leading to a 4-day weekend.

The weather has been seriously cold the last few days, it’s -15F (-26C) right now with windchill down to -36F (-38C). It’s slowly gotten colder colder the last few days, and it’s still only November 20th! Goodness knows what it be like come January/February 🙁 Guess the elder wisdom from Tunt in August of “if it’s a bad summer it will be a mild winter” was a little off target. The river is pretty safely frozen down past the Johnson River, so I’ll wait until the middle of next week before trying to get a trail report – I’m hoping to get my snowmobile out of Tunt over the Thanksgiving weekend.


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