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After just a little bit of work, the new website for the Kuskokwim 300 is now live 🙂 Mike McIntyre from YKHC did all the graphics and layout design, which I think turned out great, and I then built the template into a WordPress install and imported all the archived data from the old site. Still a few race results to finish importing, and there’s a bunch of photos to bring in too, but the majority of it is there and running pretty nicely.

Whilst heading to the meeting last night about the site, I did come across a new one though – I was transferred into another taxi 😀 I was heading out past Larson Sub, the other passenger was going up to Ptarmigan (completely different ends of town), so the driver called another cab to meet us where we would go different directions, and off we went. Little different, never come across that one before, but least I got my $7 worth!

And in other news, my guitar was apparently shipped out, but there’s still no charge against my bank account (no complaints!), and no tracking number 🙁 Hopefully everything’s alright and it hasn’t actually just been canceled!


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