Glad it’s the weekend

The last week was pretty busy as we had two guys out the office on leave which made for a lot of extra work being spread around. But, it was payday yesterday which made it worthwhile! Next week there’s an Apple trainer in so I can get in on that quite a bit, and will hopefully help out the site techs so they’re a little more self-sufficient out in the villages. I’ve also been doing quite a bit with VMWare with the view to consolidate most of our physical Windows servers in the district office into virtual machines. Given the cost of energy and the struggle with cooling (yes, I understand the irony of complaining about keeping a server room cool when it will be down to -20F outside in another month or so…), it makes a lot of sense.

I ordered in an acoustic guitar yesterday – a Fender CD220SCE. I keep checking the order status like a little kid waiting until it ships 🙂 It’s ‘being packed’ at the moment. Hopefully it will get here sometime around next weekend. That could become mid-December, of course, though the mail into Bethel is pretty quick as it doesn’t then sit waiting to head out the villages like when I was in Tunt.

Alaska photo wall

As I figured the spare room was a little bare, I ordered a bunch of photos in from Snapfish who I’ve used before, and got about 80 6×4 prints for a little over $10 including shipping. Got here within a week, so made a start on a photo wall. Not sure if I’ve seen it done elsewhere or just figured it seemed like a good idea in my head. I dunno, the Alaska area above works okay, but that’s probably because I’ve been to all the places so know it makes sense. I also did one of the lower 48 road-trip from the summer of ’07:

Lower 48 photo wall

Since I know where the places, it makes sense to me… The idea is to place photos onto the wall as they would appear on a map. Sometimes the best ideas are those that arrive at midnight after a few beers. Or not. Anyway, is better than just a bare white wall! I’m calling this a work in progress too.

Last night I had dinner at Ted’s as his wife is out of town so he could have some guys over to play 😉 Not going to mention who brought their wife along either… There were valid reasons I guess (think out til 3a.m the previous week where the wife wasn’t taken along…), and it was a good meal and bit craic. I then swung to another party for Angel’s birthday which was nice, though I was probably one of only two or three people that wasn’t doing a Praxis test at 8a.m Saturday morning! It was a good evening though, and the guys + gals doing their tests seemed to have done them without problems 🙂


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