Karaoke and helpdesk goodness (not at the same time though…)

Friday night Aoody + Suzi set up a karaoke night, which sounded like a good idea at the time 😉 We had a really good time, and definately needed to unwind a little after what had been more than a little challenging of a week. With Aoody being my driver, meant I didn’t go until he did, though the last few stragglers of us were in no real hurry, finally quitting around 3a.m. That’s when I remembered Aoody’s car doesn’t exactly have a working heater and so needs the windows down a little to stop it freezing up the windshield. 3a.m at 10F in a car with no heat and open windows. I felt sorry for Sadie + Erin stuck in the back more than anything! I guess their revenge was calling me at 10a.m the following morning and singing loudly into my hear, but it did precede a nice brunch at Alba’s and then meeting up later for dinner at Jeff + Angel’s. My Sunday was then filled with three NFL games and two DVD’s. It was a good weekend.

But, at least one good thing came out of work last week. Our helpdesk system sometimes kicks up some good ones, and this was a peach:

Problem Detail:
We had a staff meeting today in the SPED dept. Part of the meeting was celebrating the birthdays of some of our staff with brownies and ice cream. One of the staff is in Tununak, and participated via SKYPE. Well he wants his birthday treat. We saved him some. Here is the problem, how can I send this to him via email, or fax. Is there a digital way to send objects through internet servers????? He wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Action Taken:
After exhaustive research on the interwebs and discussion within the department, it has been suggested the only way is to bring a new cake to TAI (preferably double-chocolate with a nice frosting too) so we can explore all available options and, provided we don't get thirsty in the meantime, try to come up with a usable solution that doesn't involve dilithium crystals.

I got a piece of cake out of it 😀 Her ticket was submitted half in jest after her earlier “where’s the any key?” question which got a half-decent response I guess, but has now decided to hold back on future abuse of the helpdesk otherwise when she has a genuine problem, she might not get a sensible answer…


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