Good new music

As I’ve been doing quite a bit of coding with the new K300 website, it’s given me a chance to listen to some of the new albums I’ve got recently. ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ by Oasis is obviously fantastic, and was pleasantly surprised when iTunes suggested ‘Forth’ by The Verve. Figured I had all their albums, didn’t even realise they’d got back together! Think I need another couple of listens to make my mind up on that one. Ray La Montagne’s latest, ‘Gossip in the Grain’ is a little bit of a change from ‘Trouble’ but there’s some real standout tracks. Finally, Snow Patrol with ‘A Hundred Million Suns’ is nice, simply as the deluxe version on iTunes included a couple of feature videos (one about 35 mins. long), which really add a bit to things. Musically, it’s almost an extension of ‘Eyes Open’, which is fine as I loved that album too.

Anyways, I’m eyeing up an acoustic guitar next weekend when I get paid… I think two years without one is enough.


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