Another busy weekend

I haven’t exactly ended up with the quiet weekend I had planned, but I haven’t minded one bit 😉 After hanging out with friends on Thursday and Friday night, I was then out at ‘Just Desserts’ at the Cultural Center last night, a fund raiser for the Bethel Arts Guild. There were some really good acts, including ‘Bring on the Thunder’ that was pretty much Jack Black and Tenacious D! Traci Buckle, a first year teacher from Eek I met last weekend, also performed and was really good. Can check out some of her stuff on iTunes. A local guy, Palmer, also recited ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee‘ which as fun, as he was dressed in musher’s gear and had a sled on stage from Casie.

A few teachers attending an in-service in Bethel yesterday had got weathered in so were staying with Sadie, Angie and Erin, so figured we may as well make a night of it after the Just Desserts gig. After a couple of drinks at their house, we then wandered over to Jamie’s (who had some very nice Teachers scotch, something I haven’t had in a long time!) and then onto Sarah’s where even more teacher people were hanging out. With the clocks going back an hour, seemed liked a good night to stay out late!

Met up to have breakfast again this morning and Sadie and the girls said the teachers had all left for the airport hoping to fly out, though they didn’t really know how many actually stayed there last night! They’d just left the door unlocked and let people get on with it. Can’t imagine that working somewhere other than Bethel really! We then found out you can actually fit 4 adults in the back of a car – least I didn’t have to walk home.

I’m now working away on the new K300 website which should be going live in the next week or so. Mike McIntyre from YKHC has been busy working on the design and I’m now figuring out dropping it all into a WordPress template and managing the back-end to allow various people involved in the race to be able to edit parts of the site themselves whenever they want. Is starting to look good and working nicely. The poster I printed out last weekend for Casie turned out pretty well now it’s in the BNC building – she sold a couple of miles pretty much right away whilst putting the poster up, so hopefully that’s continued too!


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