Month: November 2008

Guess I’m still walking to work…

Sometimes out here you just have to go with the flow, and nature just says “nope”. Today was one of those frustrating days. Jeff + I headed down river hoping to get to Tunt, and although there’s a beautifully marked

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Fun Thanksgiving

Today was fun hanging out with Jeff + Angel for Thanksgiving. I ate way too much food which is apparently what you’re meant to do, and then brought even more back with me. Means I shouldn’t have to cook for

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Thanksgiving break

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow which gives us a 4-day weekend 😀 After 10 days straight, it’s needed, and the big boss superintendent came over the intercom around 2p.m letting us know we could go at 3p.m which was even more welcomed!

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Purty server racks

Since I was quite happy with how the server room reconfigure turned out, thought I’d grab a quick photo earlier on today: Not a bad setup out of the DO now – 14 Win 2k3 servers, 8 Apple X-Serves, a

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Holy crap, I have stocks + shares (I think…)

After being quite coy about not getting into the hype of the financial mess and the state of the stock market given I have nothing invested, I got a couple of letters through the mail today regarding my State of

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