Marshmallow, anyone?

This week I’m hoping AT&T get the new Gladys Jung elementary school hooked up to the fiber line so I can move our NAS backup server over there and do true off-site backups. It’s a little cold right now to walk to an external building moving a 2Tb external drive with a sync’ed copy of the previous night’s backup from the NAS server. It does, however, occasionally have it’s plus points:

Red sky

What’s the saying about ‘red sky in the morning’…? It certainly blew in with a cold wind and snow this afternoon. But, it was a pretty impressive sunrise at around 10a.m this morning.

Bethel sunrise

It’s nice being able to see the mountains from Bethel, certainly a change to the bleakness of Tunt. Occasionally you could just about make out the mountains on the horizon with a healthy dose of imagination, so looking forward to being able to get out on my snowmobile this winter and take a few more interesting photos.


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