England for Christmas

First time since moving out here a couple of years ago, but I’m flying back to England for a couple of weeks around Christmas and New Year. I got the okay from the boss today for the dates off (handy, since Nikki booked the flights a week or so ago…), so I’m jumping on a plane straight out of work on the evening of Dec 18th, getting into Teesside on the Saturday morning, and then flying back home to Bethel on Jan 3rd. I’ll be a little tired with going straight into work on the Monday as it’s Sunday afternoon before I’ll actually make it home (with a 9 hour loss from England…) 🙁 But, will be really nice to get back to see family + friends for a while and get a break from Bethel, and will then give me a few days in work to get some things done with the bulk of the staff gone. Dad’s figuring out Sunderland tickets for the Boxing Day game against Blackburn too which should be fun too!


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