Busy weekend

Last night I was out for a pizza + games night which was good fun, and met some cool new people. It was then Halloween carnival at ME school (K-2) today, but I was conveniently in work at the time of the carnival upgrading out e-mail server 😉 But, I did let one of the ladies borrow one of my Sunderland football shirts (haha, 2-1, sad day to be a Mag!) so hoping that didn’t end up little kiddy puke or spilled orange juice all over it!

As I was hanging out at the office, figured I’d snap my current desk setup – MacBook Pro with a 30″ Apple Cinema display and Jabra Bluetooth headset into the phone system which works right through the building and out-buildings (though not convinced that’s always a good thing!).

Work setup

Very comfortable work environment, though still a little weird to be running a monitor bigger than any TV I’ve ever owned! It came in about 3 weeks ago, and when I disconnected it today and ran off the 15″ MacBook Pro display it felt so weird with so little screen to work with 🙂 But, I did get a 6x3ft poster printed for sponsoring the K300 dog-sled race by purchasing a mile (I have mile 44!) which is going up in the BNC building as a good advertising idea. The HP DesignJet 800ps is pretty nice – up to 42″ wide paper on a roller.

I’m off to a wine of the month Halloween party tonight which should be interesting. I’m not entirely sure I want to step out the apartment in the costume I’ve been given… I’ll see if someone can get a photo of me. I’ve also made up some ‘finger food’, which again I’ll try to get a photo of as I’m quite proud of 😉


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