Clean bill of health

I went for my physical today as part of being hired by LKSD. Seemed a little silly to pay $100 for a doctor to tell me my blood pressure was fine, breathing okay, and could do with losing some weight. After 90 days employment with LKSD I get full medical coverage, but guess since I’m not likely to drop dead anytime soon according to the doc, whilst nice to get I hopefully won’t need it 😉

On Saturday I helped with the K300 stall at the Saturday Market in the Culture Center which was cool. The new merchandise has just come in, so will probably be a bit busier next time, but did meet some really nice new people and got invited for breakfast on Sunday with some of them. That was really fun too, hopefully I can get together with them again soon, and Alba’s is definately one of the nicer restaurants in Bethel!


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