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The past month has been a little of a struggle. It was my birthday last weekend (no, I wasn’t enjoying being able to drink in Bethel and ended up passed out and forgot about turning 25), and thanks to those that mailed or e-mailed cards, but maybe with getting older it just didn’t seem to have as much meaning. I’d kept it to myself at work until I ducked out early on Friday afternoon, but guess the last couple of nights have made up for a bit of quiet one last weekend after having dinner with friends both evenings. Has been nice to drink again if nothing else (definately have needed a beer or two lately), and I was quite impressed that I rolled into work at 8a.m yesterday without any problems. My hearing from the karaoke was worse than my head from the beers.

We’ve had snow the last few days, though the weather is warming a little today. Had a good 3 inches or so and the temperature was down to 20F or so some mornings. A little early for all the snow, but after the messed up weather over the summer, who knows how the winter will be. Maybe I can get my snowmobile up to Bethel next weekend…

I brought a few boxes of things up from Tunt a month or so ago and have had bits + pieces mailed in too so guess this is home now. Starting to feel like it, though not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing. Living in Bethel might not have been my first choice of locations, but it’s not too bad, and at least there’s a little more going on during the weekend. I can also pick up the phone and have takeaway food delivered 15 minutes later. Work is keeping me busy too (in a good way), so my time is getting filled in quite nicely. Will finally get paid this week too which certainly help out!

All being well, I’ll also be heading back to England for a couple of weeks over Christmas and New Year. As much as living in Bethel isn’t too bad, don’t think I could spend the holiday period here! Work is fairly flexible too as they’re wanting to ensure there’s at least some people around during the summer to gets things done. Looking forward to getting back to Durham again (though maybe not all the flying involved in it), and dad’s already working on Sunderland tickets for Boxing Day!

I’ll try to keep things a little more updated than the past month as things settle down.


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