Month: October 2008

Worth reading the fine print…

I got a bunch of benefits stuff through the mail today. After 90 days employment, the district benefits kick in, and they seem really good (at least what I understand of it). Provides pretty much full medical, dental, vision and

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Marshmallow, anyone?

This week I’m hoping AT&T get the new Gladys Jung elementary school hooked up to the fiber line so I can move our NAS backup server over there and do true off-site backups. It’s a little cold right now to

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England for Christmas

First time since moving out here a couple of years ago, but I’m flying back to England for a couple of weeks around Christmas and New Year. I got the okay from the boss today for the dates off (handy,

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Halloween finger food

Saturday night was good fun with an early Halloween party. Sure someone got a photo of me dressed up as an oriental dude, and the taxi driver didn’t really seem to care I was dressed like an idiot 🙂 But,

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Busy weekend

Last night I was out for a pizza + games night which was good fun, and met some cool new people. It was then Halloween carnival at ME school (K-2) today, but I was conveniently in work at the time

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