Home for the weekend

Last night I got a ride back into Tunt with Carl after work which was cool – meant I wasn’t hanging around for 2 hours or so at Yute it nothing else! Flying back into Bethel with Carl again tomorrow evening, and then Kat comes in on Tuesday evening for training/workshops on the Wednesday + Thursday.

Thursday night I’d had pretty much all of the servers performing their backups to central NAS server which worked well. Moved a little over 500Gb of data which wasn’t as much I was expecting, and we have a couple of new switches coming in to aggregate some direct links between wiring closets to separate it from the rest of the network traffic to allow regular incremental snapshots throughout the day.

I got another photo in a Schmap! guide, this time for the Wawona Valley in Yosemite 🙂 I still have a whole bunch of photos from our vacation at the end of July to go through and upload to Flickr – hopefully as things calm down a little at work and I have more time on an evening I can start to go through them.


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