Some photos of home + work

This afternoon at work I got my MacBook Pro 🙂 Very nice machine, and was good to get a chance to really give OS X 10.5 a go. After imaging it from the netrestore server it was set to go and works a lot faster than my MacBook (though that is over 2 years old now), though it still surprised me a little as the MacBook Pro is only running 1Gb RAM compared to the 2Gb in my MacBook. Still, will look nice driving a 30″ Apple Cinema display…

Coming home this afternoon, figured I’d also get a photo of the outside of the apartment since the weather was quite okay and I already had the camera in my backpack. Riverside apartment, but only the back bedroom gets the view! I’m over on the right hand side:

Riverside apartment

The inside is a little bare as I only brought a few pictures to put on the wall and that was about it – I’ll bring some little bits + pieces this next week:

Nothing too flash, but by Bethel standards pretty good! Everything works, it’s clean, and pretty quiet, although having the utility room between me and the next apartment isn’t all that helpful really given the washer + dryer running and hot water heater kicking on + off 🙁 But, on the positive side, my pizza has just arrived – after Ramen noodles for dinner all this week and sandwiches for lunch I fancied something a little more appetizing!


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