Nice way to start the week

I flew into Bethel last night with Carl which was fun – he headed out of Tunt and towards the Kuskokwim looking for moose. Can’t hunt them in the area yet, but people like to keep a look out for them as they’re hoping the zone opens up next year. But, we saw two good size bull moose with big sets of antlers wandering around by themselves just 3-4 miles out of Tunt near the river, so it could well give the locals some nearby hunting grounds soon.

After unpacking a few things in the new apartment last night, I then walked into work this morning to see how far it was (only about half an hour), and got a pretty good sunrise whilst I was at it:

Bethel morning

The was just a whisp of mist hanging around the district offices and the high school which added a bit of atmosphere – this is the pretty cool raised boardwalk section, pretty much a bridge, running towards them both:

Bethel sunrise

Work went quite okay. I got all the Win 2k3 servers updated and scheduled for restarts tonight, and setup PowerSchool (SIS) for regular backups to NAS since it seems to be working quite okay after the migration to it’s new server last week. Backup solution starting to get there, though probably just an interim setup as will start looking at better ideas/alternatives once we at least have the core systems backing up each evening so we have something in the mean time.

This evening I was meant to meet up with a couple of guys from work and a couple of Apple reps who were in town to go over some things with the district but the restaurant was closed and guess the other they’d headed off somewhere else before I got there. But, gave me plenty of time to get to Swanson’s to buy some groceries and bits + pieces for the apartment. Got everything cleaned through except the bathroom which I’m going to work on now, and looking pretty good, if a little bare! Will be able to bring some more stuff up next weekend, and then Kat could maybe bring a bag up too as she’s due in town next week for a couple of days training sessions which will be cool.


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