NFL opening weekend, and heading back to Bethel

NFL opening Sunday today, Kat’s thrilled 😉 Seahawks lost big time, but looks like it might not be a great season for them anyways. Some other good games though, and also got the Formula 1 and GP2 recorded this morning to watch the next couple of days when back in Bethel.

After the chaos at Yute Air on Friday, I bumped into Carl yesterday who offered to give me a ride back into Bethel this evening. He’d planned to go moose hunting straight out of town on Friday for the weekend but it fell through, so I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Yute again today! Means I have more of a rest here too, otherwise I’d have been flying back out again around 2p.m.

Packed up a few things to take with me to the new apartment, enough to get through the next week I guess. I’ll be able to look things over and figure out if I need to pick anything else up or bring from here next weekend. Least Swanson’s is really close to bring back anything I need to buy. Tried calling up GCI to get phone, TV and internet sorted, but you have to go to the Bethel office to do it – probably as the address given wasn’t showing up in the Anchorage call center! So, I’ll try to get that done tomorrow lunch time and hopefully they can get it hooked up sometime this week. Kat is due to come into Bethel the following week, so better have TV working by then 🙂


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