First weekly commute done

Made it back into Tunt okay this evening – definately a different kinda of weekly commute! Yute Air have just moved hangars a couple of days ago, so were in even more of a mess than usual. They now have 3 or 4 check-in counters with the ladies wearing Bluetooth headsets to answer the phones and a PA system to announce flights leaving, but still have about as much common sense and customer service skills as before. A couple are general pretty good, but getting told off for carrying my laptop bag out there when that’s what I was told to do after asking for a fragile sticker wasn’t great, and just turned comical when they were loading bags back onto planes than had just flown in and passengers were running out the terminal trying to grab them as the baggage handlers were clueless. Worst part is they’re still probably best of the worst out here! I used to like Yute as they never took themselves too seriously and realised they were a bush airline rather than getting a little pretentious and snotty like Hageland seem to have done.

I’ll be flying back into Bethel on Sunday, but hoping I can get some rest in the mean time. Nice to see Kat again, and Mia mauled me as soon as I got home. Guess that’s how you get attention from her when you enter the house – leave her for 4 days! But, will be nice to take a step back from things and then get ready for next week. Need to figure out what to take up for the new apartment and stuff which should be fun. Kat is meant to be in Bethel at the end of September for a couple of days training so will get to see it soon too – sure she could bring some bits + pieces up too.


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