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The last couple of days have been pretty busy at work, but again in a nice way 🙂 I’ve been able to jump pretty much right in and just start getting jobs done to help out which works well, and I’ve been pleased how well I’ve handled working with the computer systems again given the couple of years I was out the game. Managing Windows servers isn’t too bad either 😉 I was wanting to lean away from Windows management, but as it’s not the day to day to grind of dealing with client machines and end-user problems arising from Windows nuances, it’s actually quite okay. There’s also 7 brand new X-Serves for various roles ready to go in, so that should be fun too.

I got an apartment sorted today, I signed the lease and picked the keys up earlier. I went with one of the houses I’d seen on Tuesday from Jimmy Guinn, as the other places I’ve looked at have either been a little way out from the main areas in the center of town, or $1200 without utilities making it pretty expensive. But, I’ll be able to get straight into this apartment next week and get a little more settled.

Hopefully tomorrow is good day to round off my first week, and I’m booked to fly back to Tunt with Yute in the afternoon – weather is meant to be clear and should get me back into the village without too much of a wait hopefully. Certainly a different commute home on a Friday afternoon!


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