Great first day

All in all, a pretty good day 🙂 Work was interesting, but good fun. I got some office space sorted (I’ll be living in a cube!), and started looking over the current setup. The other guys there were real friendly + helpful and we started going over the servers they’re running, and tomorrow we’re all going to get together and start to work out what my responsibilities will be in terms of maintaining the core server functions leaving the other guys to concentrate on the actual server role. Shouldn’t be too complicated and makes things a little easier.

There’s 11 Windows Server 2003 systems, a mix of Dell PowerEdge 2550’s, 2650’s and 6850’s, as well as half a dozen Mac X-Serve servers with another 4 brand new ones sat in boxes ready to go. There’s also a ProLiant E5405 Windows Storage Server 2003 acting as a 2Tb NAS, with a VTrak E610f 6Tb NAS just hanging out that isn’t up and running yet. So, not hurting for storage space! The trick will be aggregating all the backups from the multiple servers onto the storage devices. First task will be moving one off site I guess. But, this was a photo I snapped at lunchtime – the district office is the green building on the left, with Bethel Regional High School on the right:


I also saw an ad in the offices about a house for rent so called up this evening – turns out the guy has a bunch of houses around town and came picked me up and toured me around them which was real nice of him. He had one apartment in a tri-plex right down by the river near Swanson’s, so fairly central, pretty much fully furnished and including all water, heat, sewer and electricity for $1150 a month which I took. Is a nice little place, nothing too fancy, but clean and tidy and somewhere to sleep! Is literally right at the end of the trail from Tunt up to Bethel just off the river so stupidly easy to get to if I ride the snowmobile up in the winter, and being right near Swanson’s, one of the major grocery stores, will help too. He’s going to sort out a rental agreement and bring it round tomorrow so I can move in next week (cos I’m going to have soooo much stuff to move in…). Real nice guy – Jimmy Guin (not sure on the spelling), and he’s a contractor around Bethel so would fix anything right up if something broke.

But, I swear I’ve never met so many people with English connections or stories! 8.05a.m a lady came with a MacBook that wouldn’t power up – had spent a year or so teaching in Newcastle. Ted, the technology director, had grown up around the north east and visited last summer. And then Jimmy’s daughter and her husband and currently living in Liverpool studying for her master’s degree! Have met more folk with connections to England than when I was living there 😀


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