Hanging out in Bethel

After waiting around in Tunt due to a thunder + lightning storm rolling around, Carl called me up and we got of Tunt around 9.30p.m. Pretty cool flying in a Cessna 172 for the first time and I could hear all the radio chatter too which makes it more interesting than on the bush flights when sat up front and just have the drone of the engine to listen to! He gave me a ride into town which was really good of him, and the B&B is really nice – they’ve only been open about a year and is probably one of the nicest places you’ll find in town 🙂 Their Wi-Fi is pretty fast too!

Hoping to get some sleep ready for an early start tomorrow. Getting pretty nervous as kinda tired now with waiting around so long in Tunt, and just want to get started and the first day out the way!


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