Back into village life

The last few days have slowly been easing us back into village life after our vacation. It’s been nice to see the teachers coming back and meeting the new guys. Everyone is back now, with Pam and Dan are out again in Bethel for a couple of training days. Frank + Mark have me working on taking down the outdoor basketball court which is kinda sad in a way – the court belongs to the tribal council who are charged with then reconstructing it, however the way things work out here, that could take some time meaning the kids now have even less to do around the village. But, playing out well after curfew until midnight and then starting again at 5a.m (no-one knows how they get up that early when standard wake-up time is closer to midday!) means it’s kinda been brought upon themselves, and there’s a new steel building waiting to be built where the court is currently sited so Frank wants it gone.

We had the power out for 5 hours or so this afternoon as the new airport gets their electrics hooked up which is kinda cool. At least the generators wound themselves back up again and power came back on okay 😉 Kat has been busying herself at school over the weekend getting her classroom ready – they have a couple of inservice days at the end of the week before the kids start back on Monday. I think all the kids are struggling with such a long summer without fish camp to go to and could do with getting back into the swing of school schedule! The weather has been pretty warm too, though it’s meant a ton of tiny no-see ‘ums that fly right through the bug mesh on the windows 🙁 Give some fantastic bug bites…

Yup, back to normal!


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