Waiting in Anchorage airport

We got Mia picked up fine this morning, got the rental car dropped off okay, and then checked in and through security in under half an hour. Always nice to go to the customer service check-in counters for oversized stuff or animals as always seems more relaxed away from the main island of check-in counters. Bit annoyed as one of our boxes was 32lbs, then the cooler was 58lbs, and we were charged $50 for overweight bags. I did try arguing the point of the combined total weight which is what they fuss about due to fuel costs, and the $100 we were being charged for a dog anyway, but figured I may as well have just tried talking to a wall. But, at least the TSA guy checking over Mia was friendly – his daughter is married to one of Elena’s sons who is the school secretary, and he lived in Bethel himself for quite a few years back in the 70’s.

So, just hanging out for another half an hour or so before we can start boarding to fly out to Bethel. Hopefully won’t be any delays like last time (though wouldn’t mind the free beer…), and Kat has now just realised her boarding pass is in her jacket pocket and the zipper has now stuck 🙂 Crisis over, just got it sorted! Guess she’s coming with me after all.


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