Exit Glacier walk

Today we had a fairly easy day without too much driving since we were just heading over to Soldotna/Kenai, but we did stop by Exit Glacier, just within Kenai Fjords National Park, to hike the trail up to the glacier itself.

Exit Glacier

It was a really nice walk through the trees and up to the glacier, though there was still quite a bit of water coming down the river leading away from it, so we couldn’t make it along to the tongue of the glacier, and then due to unstable ice and rocks the trail leading up to the edge of the glacier was roped off just short of being able to touch it too. Was still a nice walk, aside from the mosquitoes, and cool to see a glacier right up close.

Exit Glacier tongue

Tomorrow it’s just another fairly short drive down to Homer to check things out down there, and this evening we sat outside in the sunshine making the most of it, so maybe the weather is looking up 🙂 Kat + I headed to Cold Stone Creamery which was fantastic, just like the Subways of ice cream! Their servings were way too big, but delicious!


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