First few days of Alaska vacation

We’ve had a busy few days 🙂 Feels like we haven’t stopped moving, but we’ve seen so much no-one’s really complaining. First up, we went to the Alaska Native Heritage Center which showcased the five main native cultures of Alaska. Alongside indoor displays and photos, they had recreated the dwellings of the different cultures around a small lake, letting you wander around between them and talk to the local guides. This was an interesting one of a traditional Yup’ik settlement:

Yup'ik dwellings

They also showcased native dancing and games which Kat + I had seen a few times at school but was still cool to see, and mam + dad really seemed to enjoy it.

Native dancing

After a good few hours there, we then headed to the Anchorage Museum back in downtown where they also had a showcase exhibit on the Yup’ik culture with a ton of photos and objects from the area which was again nice for mam + dad to see more about. They also had an exhibit on the Iditarod which was fun to look over.

Yesterday we took the railroad down to Seward which was just awesome! Made for a very long day with being at the station by 5.45a.m and not getting back into Anchorage until 10.15p.m, but worth it. We were very lucky to have good weather on our way down which gave us fantastic views of the mountains, valleys and glaciers along the way.

Alaska Railroad

Up through the mountains was fantastic, and we got to see moose, along with a couple of calves, and I also saw a bear on our way back.

Whilst in Seward we headed to the Sea Life Center which is well worth checking out (Kat got in for free as she’s a teacher up here!), and the area with the sea birds such as the puffins was great. The underwater viewing ares for the seals and sea lions were also fun just to sit and watch.


Today we then drove the highway down to Seward, stopping off at the Alaska Animal Conservation Center, another place worth checking out. The drive along Turnagain Arm was pretty cool with the clouds hanging around the top of the mountains, and again we were lucky with the weather.

Turnagain Arm

Down at the animal center, my favourites were the the moose:


And then the brown bears:

Brown bear

One of the members of staff was feeding them as we were there and so the bears were standing up on the hind legs waiting for the food, and I really wouldn’t want to come across one of them in the woods! They were easily 7+ feet when stood up, and I was pretty glad there was an electric fence between us 🙂

Seward itself is pretty nice, though clearly mainly a tourist + fishing town. One of the cruise ships we saw yesterday was massive, and there’s a number of small ships that sail down the bay and around the Kenai area.


We’re off tomorrow morning on a Kenai Fjords coastal explorer with Fox Island tour which should be good – our hotel looks right out over the habour and the Kenai Fjords tour boats are right outside the window! Shouldn’t be too late a finish, so will try to get some photos up of the glaciers and any wildlife we come across, hopefully including whales!


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