All of us together in Anchorage

Mam + dad made it into Anchorage this afternoon amidst the rain 🙂 Tired, but glad to be here. Hopefully the weather will be a little better tomorrow for wandering around town.

Mia got all her shots done at the vets this morning and seemed quite okay at the kennels. We went back and took her for a walk earlier this evening to make sure she knew we hadn’t just abandoned her and was happy to go out and sniff everything new and then happily went back in with the guys working there.

Kat also got to eat La Cabana’s this evening so was happy as has been wanting to go back and eat there for the past year. Will see what goodies we get to eat tomorrow after also having Subways for lunch today 😀 Don’t have all that much planned as we’re all pretty tired after a couple of long days.


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