Day of Delays, but safely in Anchorage

Well, Kat, Mia + I made it to Anchorage. This morning I got up to an e-mail from Nikki saying mam + dad’s flight out of Manchester was delayed by four hours after having to change a tyre on the plane, but checking the Vancouver airport site it’s due to arrive in the next few minutes so isn’t going to be too late a night for them. It’s only a three hour flight tomorrow up to Anchorage for them anyways.

Kat + I were ready by 9a.m for our bush flight which finally got us out the village around 12.30p.m… No problems in terms of time getting across to the Alaska Air desk and getting Mia checked in (who made a ton of friends, as usual!), but then the inbound flight was delayed. They still had us checked through security into the tiny waiting area (for want of a better way of describing ‘a room’), and then onto the plane right away, only to then find we needed a nose tyre changing 🙁 We didn’t have the luxury of getting off the plane though, so had sit for an hour and a half without any air con going. Mia probably had the best of it as the flight attendants told me they’d left the cargo doors open so she was nice + cool!

Anyways, they came round and gave us all free water whilst we were waiting, then after we got in the air and started their in-flight service they announced they’d provide a free alcoholic beverage (usually about $5) to any passenger that wanted one as an offering for the delay. Well, having not had a beer in a year, and someone offering me one for free (is there anything sweeter than something you get for nothing?!), how could I say no:

Free beer

Very nice, and everyone was in pretty good moods anyway despite the delays! Alaska Air really are the nicest airline I’ve come across in terms of customer service, and it says a lot they offered free water whilst waiting, then another free beverage in the air. Whether those passengers with connecting flights were quite as taken by it as I was, I don’t know. Getting into Anchorage, luggage + Mia were there pretty much as soon as we got down to the baggage claim, and we walked her through to the rental car pickup with her making even more friends along the way 🙂 Quite happily now lying down on the floor in the hotel making her way through a chewy treat and thinking life’s just great!

So, despite the very long day to only get a little over 400 miles, glad we’re here. Get to see mam + dad tomorrow, got a free beer, and have Domino’s on the way 😀 Always got added to the rental car agreement without charge for under-age driver as Kat went down as primary and spouses go for nowt. Good day for free stuff I guess. It’s a Chrysler PT Cruiser, a very smart car to drive, and hopefully all our luggage will get in when we head down to Kenai and up to Denali!


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