Off to Anchorage tomorrow

Kat + I are starting to get ready to head to Anchorage in the morning. Mam + dad are already in Manchester, spending the night there ready to fly out to Vancouver tomorrow, then up to Anchorage on Tuesday. The weather decided to head back to rain today, though the bush flights are still wandering in + out so we should be okay tomorrow. Mia knows something is up as bags are being moved around and things getting packed up – hopefully she won’t be stuck in her kennel too much hanging around at airports.

Getting excited to see my parents again, and we should have a great trip regardless of the weather. It’s the kind of trip I wanted to do 4-5 years ago when I first thought of heading to Alaska for a holiday, so can’t wait to get out on the railroad, Kenai glacier cruise, and bus ride through Denali 🙂 Should have internet whilst we’re away, so will try to get some photos posted along the way too.


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