Sunshine and tinkering

The last couple of days I’ve been tinkering, mainly as it had been raining solid for pretty much a week. It did finally break this morning letting us glimpse sunshine + blue sky, and the temperature is up around 60F 🙂 I was chatting with Carl Andrew yesterday and he told me that the elders always say if it’s a bad summer, it will be a mild fall (autumn). Here’s hoping, as the locals can’t remember such a poor summer – I don’t think we’ve gone more than a couple of days in the past 6 weeks without rain, and one of those spells was when it somehow got to 83F!

Anyway, the tinkering has been moving some of my back-end services onto the hosted Google Apps for Your Domain offerings. I’ve used them since the start of year on another site without problems, but (and it’s associated e-mail, chat, documents, etc.) is my main focus, and it was getting a tad slow with a compressed local mail file over 500Mb, and way too many saved RSS articles to search through. Both mail + RSS have moved between multiple computers and apps for 3-4 years now and it was probably time for a clear out anyway, and since Gmail provides IMAP access, I could easily transfer out any e-mails from Mail straight into Gmail. Mass deletion has brought me down to only 40Mb in Gmail now 🙂 I also imported all my RSS feeds into Reader, tagged a bunch of the old articles from Vienna in, and setup Fox Marks to sync all bookmarks between the different systems I use. All the mail functions got themselves up + running during Wednesday evening, but some e-mails from Europe still seem a little delayed as it’s taking a while for all the MX changes to propagate. Anyone getting e-mails bounced, try sending again, sorry.

But, it’s only a few days until we head into Anchorage now. We have our bush flights booked for Monday morning (for all that means!) and I already have the number for Domino’s on speed-dial for the Monday night 😀 My dad retired today (technically…) after 40 years of teaching today, even he can’t explain how he managed it, and they’re both excited to fly out to Vancouver on Monday too before heading up to Anchorage on Tuesday. So long as the weather stays like this rather than all the rain!


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