Shoot to kill

The last two days I’ve been unloading food for the school from a cargo container up by the airport, hauling it back to school, and stacking it up in the food storage building. Was up over 70F yesterday, so I was quite enjoying working in a t-shirt with my sunglasses on, then today it barely hit 50F and rained all afternoon so it was back on with the fleece jacket! One of the locals joked about it snowing next week. I moved 8,000lbs yesterday (do the math on how much total lifting that was given first carrying it out the cargo container, then out the trailer onto a cart, then out the cart onto a shelf…) and gave up counting today as I was more interested in Mark trying to stalk some hares 🙂 He went hungry though so hope he had a backup plan for dinner as they kept running away (which I did suggest might be eventual outcome before he even started!). Hopefully tomorrow I can get the rest of the food moved before I start on the second container…

But, came back home to find Kat sitting reading a book by the window and looking very sad without any TV or anything. Told me the power had been out for over three hours, which I figured was odd since it wasn’t out at school, no-one had been busily working at the power plant during the afternoon, and there were lights on in other houses. Nice little kiddies had flipped the mains breaker for the whole duplex as it’s located where the power line comes into the building. Mia’s getting let loose on the next kid within 20 yards of the house as a deterrent since I’m apparently not allowed to hook up the handle on the breaker box to the mains (Kat said a lock would be easier; I responded with easier not equating to amusing). Mark told me the kids have been doing the same on other houses around the school and he has to keep checking as some of the houses still have a bunch of frozen food in them, and I really don’t think the teachers would appreciate coming back to that kinda smell!


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