Pass the suntan lotion

Record breaking temperature today – Bethel weather station reporting 82F (27C), but the thermometer here is reading in the upper 80’s. Very warm without much of a breeze, and a thunderstorm is expected tonight to shake it all up. Average temperatures for this time of year, and what we’ve been getting, is more like 65F (18C), but no-one is really complaining about the weather today!

Insects on flower

The warm weather the last few days has meant a ton of mosquitoes though, two of which gave me a pair of cracking bites on the hand which has now calmed down to only being twice it’s normal size – much better than last night when it was like a balloon 🙂 Mia decided since it was Independence Day yesterday she would slip out her collar and go for a wander, so my quick walk to the store became slightly longer which wasn’t fun without bug spray on. Taking a risk just walking to the school without bug spray on this time of year!


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