Calm before the storm

The rains this morning were obviously a sign of things to come – Kat + I got out for a walk with Mia earlier this evening whilst it was still quite nice, but now it’s heavy rain, thunder + lightning. Mia is not impressed! The sky was definitely threatening in places whilst we were out:

Moody skies behind Orthodox church

I guess the locals thought so too, as there were a lot of boats anchored up, obviously not wanting to get stuck out on the river in any bad weather.

Anchored boat

Still, the fish hut right by the river across from the school has obviously been seeing a lot of use. The smoking hut was going, the outside wire-enclosed drying racks were full, and this was the rack used to hang the nets from I photographed a few times last winter. Must be running out of space to dry them!

Drying fish

And something else I photographed last winter – the abandoned yellow truck starting to get buried by the long grass. These past two photos ended up having the only bits of blue sky in the whole area conveniently right behind them!

Abandoned truck

The storm seems to be easing up a bit now which is keeping Mia happy. Really didn’t like the thunder! We had to get her booked in to see a vet first thing on the Tuesday morning after getting in to Anchorage to have them stick needles in for her booster shots to get into the dog resort kennels without any fuss. Thankfully we’re picking the rental car up right away on the Monday so will be easily able to move around town getting her sorted 🙂 Don’t know whether she’ll be too happy about it though!


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